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GEL POLISH STUDIOS, "St. Valentine", 8ML

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This new generation of gel nail polish is designed according to the recommendations, experience and needs of professional masters. The most important features of a manicure specialist are concentrated in a few small vials, which means 100% quality! Hydroxycyclohexylphenylketone is a revolutionary component that meets the statutory organic compound requirements. Scientists also call it "green" technology, the advantages of making this product are obvious - instantaneous hardening, low energy consumption, chemical and abrasive resistance and low evaporation! Gel varnish is designed for both beginners and experienced manicure masters. Studios Didier has the following features: - Quick and smooth nail coating. The special texture stretches just like the rubber ("rubber texture"), it corrects the nail imperfections immediately, smoothly covering the nail surface. - Varnish contains a regulator of polyacrylate-15, which is responsible for the "consecutive" (LBL) texture control. - Strong color pigmentation affects smooth gel lacquer coating. - Super Shine effect that lasts all the time! - Color does not whisk and does not change the tone! - Lacquer lasts 14 days or more. - Easy to dissolve.



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GEL POLISH STUDIOS, "St. Valentine", 8ML

GEL POLISH STUDIOS, "St. Valentine", 8ML

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